My Claims So Far

(The percentages, below, are my personal estimates of the probabilities of my claims being true.)
(This is just the beginning -- each of my current claims is eventually to be linked to its debate (I'll be Jabba).)

(I'm still just getting started here.)


  1. My best guess at the moment is that the image on the Shroud has been produced, at least in part, supernaturally. The image on the Shrowd shows no indications that the body was lying on a stone slab -- the backs of the calves and thighs and the buttocks show no sign of supporting weight. The body would appear to be levitating. Otherwise, the image appears to be explainable by natural causes.

  2. The image on the Shroud comes from the dead body of a man who was recently tortured, crucified and wrapped in the Shroud. (95%)

  3. The Shroud is the burial cloth of the Biblical Jesus of Nazareth. (90%)

  4. My more specific claims:
  5. The shroud has probably been subject to more scientific study than has been any other historical artifact.
  6. History does support a 1 CE origin.
  7. The current scientific consensus is that the carbon-dating of 1988 was invalid.
  8. There are numerous aspects of the Shroud that appear to contradict the date indicated by the carbon-dating.
  9. Numerous non-Christian scientists have written peer-reviewed articles supporting the authenticity of the Shroud.
  10. The vast majority of peer-reviewed articles support the Shroud’s authenticity.
  11. The active skeptics are very few in number, and their research is suspect.
  12. The evidence against the shroud’s authenticity is really quite unimpressive.
  13. No scientist or artist has been able to reproduce the shroud.
  14. The Shroud, (apparently) cannot be totally explained by natural causes.
  15. Many of the aspects of the Shroud that can be explained by natural causes, seem to necessitate supernatural coincidents.
  16. There is a second image of the face on the back of the shroud -- supporting authenticity (and natural causes).
  17. No other similar relic has ever been found.
  18. The most similar relic ever found is a small cloth that bears no image, but matches the blood stains of the face on the Shroud -- and appears to be the “napkin” that was typically placed over the face of a Jewish corpse.
  19. The image was not painted (nor is it the result of any other artistic endeavor).
  20. There is real human blood on the Shroud.
  21. The kind of blood (arterial vs. venous) is appropriate for its location on the image.
  22. The blood was on the Shroud before the image – which seems to rule out the forgery hypothesis.
  23. The image on the Shroud is, in effect, a negative – which seems to further rule out the forgery hypothesis.
  24. Most of the details on the Shroud match what could be expected in a typical Roman crucifixion.
  25. Where the details are anomalous, or atypical, they seem to reflect the crucifixion as depicted in the Gospels.
  26. The image has 3D encoding.
  27. The image has holographic encoding.
  28. Much of the pollen and other contaminants fit with a 1 CE, Israeli, origin.
  29. The remaining contaminants fit with the "traditional" route of the Shroud through the first millennium and beyond.
  30. Scourging details are amazing fit with Roman “flagrums,” and practices, of the times.
  31. The figure on the shroud is extremely detailed and in total agreement with Biblical accounts.
  32. Some of the correct detail should not have been known by a forger 700 years ago.
  33. There are reasons to believe that the shroud was actually the table cloth used for the Last Supper.
  34. One very unusual aspect of the stitching on the shroud has also been found in the ruins of Masada (a Jewish fortress destroyed in 73 CE by the Romans), but never found in medieval Europe.
  35. Some of the pollen and flower remains on the shroud are appropriate for Israel in 1 CE.
  36. Other pollen on the Shroud is appropriate for the areas traditionally traveled by the Shroud.
  37. Apparent coins cover the eyes on the Shroud – a Jewish custom in 1 CE.
  38. The coins appear to be of the right time and place.