Shroud of Hercules?


III, 32, Glorian:
I wonder, if archaeologist found the club of Hercules, with fingerprints and blood and everything on it, would we also have a large debate of this?

III, 33, Steen:
It would be quite interesting to see if he had the same DNA as Jesus ...

III, 35, Jabba:
- That would depend upon what the evidence suggested.
- Nice to have you join in.

III, 48, Jabba, from
Steen, Flower, BigField and Glorian,
- All right! UNCLE, already!
- I wrote to Barrie and he referred me to stuff I had already read...
- Consequently, the only indication we have that the Shroud distinguishes between venous and arterial blood is the appropriate shape of the different blood flows on the Shroud -- and then, it has been argued that a clever artist could recognize that difference and deliberately reproduce it on the Shroud.
- Certainly to me, however, such an explanation stretches credulity to the max in that this clever artist would have had to know about the appropriate places and shapes for the two different kinds of blood about 250 years before science knew about them. (At least from my readings, science didn't recognize either of these differences until about 1600.) Possible, I suppose, just not too likely.

III, 49, Glorian:
I still think, that the club of Hercules would be a more interesting subject to discuss, since Hercules was a much more interesting demigod than this jesus dude.

III, 55, Jabba:
- IMO, if you really study the Jesus story you'll change your mind about that. The Jesus story/concept is pretty exciting.
- A good place to start might be

III, 56, Glorian:
I have actuality done intensive study on both the jesus story and the Hercules story (among many others), and I can honestly say, that I find the tale of Hercules much more fascinating. I wonder, have you done studies on any of the other religions and gods at all, in order to compare, or do you just follow the religion of your parents (as most people do).

III, 57, Jabba:
- I was brought up Presbyterian and semi-religious, but had pretty much rejected Jesus by high school (though, I didn't tell anyone) and got hooked on Eastern philosophies in college... It's a long story, and I've forgotten a lot of it...
- About 35, I think, I started re-thinking the whole thing, and slowly began to suspect that there was much more to the Jesus story than I had previously realized (I am now 68) -- though, in all honesty, I don't know much about Hercules, so I really shouldn't compare them...
- Did you read my article about Jesus in the Stars? It's long, but in my opinion (of course), really interesting. It's unfinished cause I decided to focus on the Shroud for the "moment."

III, 58, Glorian:
- Yes, most religious people say, that they have a period of doubt, men funny enough, they always go back to beliving in the religion of their parents. If you had been brought up a muslim, you would likely have "suspected, that there was much more to the Muhammed story than you had previously realized."
- But I would strongly advice you to do comparative religion, since the jesus story are quite unoriginal, having stolen a lot from the Attis og Mittra religions, and of cource, greek religion. So again, the tale of Hercules are more fascinating in my view.

III, 59, Jabba:
- I accept your points, but decided a while back that I had to "slow down and zoom in" if my admittedly pitiful attempt at judging the Jesus story was to get anywhere... I just think that debate is destined to go in circles unless we can keep narrowing our focus and develop a lot of patience. That's what I'm trying to do.
- For now, I'm choosing to focus on the sub-issue of alleged blood on the Shroud of Turin.
- But then, I am also trying to allow for you guys to determine a different sub-issue to address as well -- giving us two foci -- but unless you guys take a vote, I have to decide which of your sub-issues I should be addressing. Most recently, I decided upon the carbon dating sub-issue -- though at this point, I need to review where that is...
- I'm trying to develop a format for effective debate, but our venue places limits upon what I can legitimately do. I wish, for instance, that you guys would be required to appoint a lead counsel for your side who would determine (given your opinions) the "other" sub-issue to address.

III, 60, Glorian:
- Jabba, thats fine by me, I just responded to your saying, that I should rethink my opion about jesus or Hercules been the most


III, 59 continued, Jabba:
- Have you looked at my website yet?

III, 60 continued, Glorian
- Dont need to, since, as I a wrote, the jesus story are quite unoriginal, and I dosent really care about jesus, real or not.
- best regards, GLORIAN