Brief Autobiography (still under construction) -- 11/18/11

  1. Born June 4th, 1942 in LeCompte, LA.

  2. Moved to OK, back to LA, Guam, MO, DE by 11th birthday.

  3. Methodist minister breaks my jaw.

  4. Valedictorian of my tiny Junior High School.

  5. Received Science Award from my tiny high school.

  6. Taught horseback riding at summer camp in the Catskills, where I met, and fell in love with, the beautiful Miss Lauren Weisberg, my wife to be.

  7. The summer camp was named "Camp Lexington;" in Lexington, NY; Lecompte ( my birthplace) was named for a famous racehorse whose most famous race was a match race with a horse named Lexington; and remember, I was teaching horseback riding...

  8. I'm not Jewish, but when I proposed to Lauren, promised her that we could raise our kids Jewish.

  9. Invited to play in the Delaware High School All Star football game, but didn't want to quit my job (and, most of organized football isn't much fun).

  10. Spent my first year at the U of Delaware majoring in Physics – but barely passed my physics classes.  (My tiny high school really hadn’t prepared me very well; I was playing football; and, I discovered parapsychology in my first serious library and couldn’t put it down…)

  11. Quit football (one serious injury during regular season, another in spring training, and I was still struggling with my grades.)

  12. Changed major to easier Psychology.

  13. Began to learn how to study.

  14. Started getting better grades.

  15. Designed and carried out “cutting edge” experiment in ESP.

  16. Took four years of ROTC, and received a commission upon graduation in 1965 (Joe Biden’s graduating class!).

  17. Taught Special Ed until reporting for active duty at Ft. Benning, GA, Jan 2, 1966.

  18. Completed “officer boot camp,” and got assigned to Ft Wolters, Texas where I began flight training in helicopters.

  19. Married to Lauren at the Top of the Sixes in NYC.

  20. Flew back to Dallas with beautiful new wife and Mickey Mantle.

  21. Got reassigned to Ft Rucker Alabama for advanced helicopter training.

  22. Finished flight school and reassigned to the 188th Assault Helicopter Company, the “Black Widows,” at Ft Campbell, KY and prepared for Vietnam.

  23. Sent to Vietnam with the 188th.

  24. Transferred to the 68th Assault Helicopter Company, the “Top Tigers,” at Bien Hoa air base, Vietnam.

  25. Transferred to 25th Aviation Company, “Xray,” in Long Binh, Vietnam flying generals and other VIP’s (much safer assignment).

  26. Back to States after a year.  Several unimportant medals.

  27. Designed program texts and taught “Effective Writing” back at Ft Wolters.

  28. Honorably discharged, Dec. 68.

  29. Moved to Queens, NY – Lauren’s home town

  30. Began grad school at NYU in Educational Psychology.

  31. Began trying to develop plan for effective debate.

  32. Received Masters, and began Doctorate.  Almost straight A student.

  33. Being a country boy at heart, and considering the cost of living in city, decided to transfer to the State University of New York at Albany (where we had some connections).  Probably a bad idea.

  34. Finished all course work for PhD.  Almost straight A student again.

  35. Lauren became pregnant.

  36. Took Federal test for employment.  Third highest mark in country (my military experience was counted in that mark).

  37. Took leave of absence from SUNY, and Job as Program Analyst with the General Services Administration in Crystal City, VA.

  38. Daughter, Erin, born in Falls Church.

  39. SUNY decided to revoke my leave of absence if I didn’t take some classes.

  40. Borrowed $8000 from father-in-law, resigned from GSA, and moved back to upstate New York.

  41. Attended class and studied for “comprehensives.”

  42. Received certification as Statistician.

  43. Did well on multiple choice portion of "comprehensives" but flunked essay portion…

  44. Ran out of money.

  45. Dropped out of School and took job with NY State Dept of Labor as Interviewer, and then Counselor.

  46. Received patent (#4,175,516) for the “Pussy Footer” – an enclosed cat dish, opened when cat steps on pedal.

  47. (Invented numerous devices and "ideas," but didn’t have time, or money, to pursue any more patents (others paid for the Pussy Footer), or promote ideas sufficiently.)

  48. Sold about 500 Pussy Footers – many of which broke in shipment.  Couldn’t afford the necessary plastic mold to correct the problem…

  49. Took Job with NY State Dept of Civil Service as Sr. Personnel Examiner, where developed and analyzed employment exams.

  50. Lauren gave birth to son, Jake.

  51. Commuting daily from Catskill, NY to State Office Bldg Campus in Albany (about 40 miles), so started "small" bus company (one small bus carrying other State Workers to and from work). Received subsidy from Federal Government (sorry about that).

  52. Sold Bus company and moved to Schenectady -- about 15 miles from work.

  53. Started van pool to work from Scenectady.

  54. Joined a Temple, and raised our kids Jewish.

  55. Kids turned out great, but one lives 150 miles away (Nyack, NY), and the other lives 3000 miles away (Portland, OR). (Just now, received phonecall from Jake in Portland, and discussed the future of the Jets.)

  56. Lauren and I are still members of a reform congregation, and I attend church most Sundays.

  57. Started my own website, seeking the truth about Jesus (

  58. Retired in January of 2003.
  59. To be continued.