1. Summaries:

    - This is important! Pay close attention!

    - Here, I'll be giving my summaries of debates I've had (or am having) regarding the Jesus issue. For now, all debates will address the Shroud of Turin, and have been (or are being) carried out on
    - On that website, I've enjoyed three separate sections re the Shroud: 1), 2) and 3) and
    - Ultimately, If I have my way, there will be a multitude of debates, and their summaries, right here, between the two sides re the overall Jesus issue... Whew!
    - Whatever, I will be in red and acting as the appellant's counsel (or AC); whereas, my opponents will be in black and acting as the Prosecution (or P).

    - Keep in mind that I'm flying by the seat of my pants here -- experimenting and inventing as I go -- so please be patient.
    - The numbers in the red brackets in these summaries represent my current evaluation of my own efforts regarding that particular exchange. For now, I'll give myself a +1 if I think that the particular exchange favored my side, and a -1 if I think that it favored the other side.
    - I'll try to get my opponents to join in and evaluate my efforts also. Assuming that I can convince them to participate over here (they had grown tired of my stubborness over there), I'll show their evaluations of my efforts in black brackets, and a -1 from them would likewise indicate that in their judgment, the particular exchange favored them rather than me. A little confusing, but I think that were they to score themselves, the results would be more confusing. Hopefully, this won't be a big deal, whatever.
    - I will provide as many opponent evaluations as I get (for each subissue). I will also invite them to provide different interpretations of the discussion where they (my opponents) disagree with my interpretations. We'll see what happens.
    - By doing it this way, I won't have to worry that much about being objective in my scoring... I'll try to be objective anyway -- but, it isn't easy, and I just won't have to worry about it...

    - Shroud Authenticity?
    --- Blood? (6/15/11)

  2. Actual debates
    - Shroud