IX. Lesser Issues

  1. There is a strong NEGATIVE correlation between education level (especially in the sciences and mathematics) and belief in Jesus!

  2. Almost all of the Jesus story comes from a book written almost 2000 years ago (reeking of magic)!  Are we supposed to take such a book at its word?

  3.  What's with this "story,” and stories? The Jesus concept/story is much too specific and concrete... What we need is abstraction, and universal truth.

  4. It is also much too complicated. The truth should be simple.

  5. To believe that something is true is not something that we voluntarily "do" -- it is something that happens to us. Why should we be told that this is something we NEED TO DO? Why should we be rewarded (with Heaven, for heaven's sake) for something that HAPPENS to us?

  6.  If there is a God, how can there be only one arbitrary, narrow path to Her/It/Him other than the effort to do the right?

  7. Why should the God of OUR particular ancestors be the real thing? How likely is that?

  8. And the Eastern religions/philosophies make a lot more sense anyway.

  9. And then, Christians say all these nonsensical things -- like, "I took Jesus as my Lord and Savior."

  10.  And, in all honesty, they don't seem to be all that happy, or nice, either.

  11.  The NT Jesus does not fulfill all the OT prophecies anyway (if he actually fulfills any of them).

  12. Any kind of "reasonable" God would never “come to us” in the flesh!

  13. How could Jesus be God, and the Son of God at the same time?!

  14. We are all born as “sinners"? Give me a break!

  15. There is such a thing as Heaven?!

  16. The only way to Heaven is through “believing in” Jesus?!

  17. If we believe in Jesus, he pays for our sins?!

  18. There is also such a thing as Hell?!

  19. Those of us who do not believe in Jesus will go to Hell?!

- What more is there to say? We rest our case...

X. Lesser Answers