Re Negative Correlation with Education Level

  1. The scientific thinking that belittles the Jesus concept is naturally biased.
    1. It turns out that one hemisphere of the human brain can sense -- or imagine -- what we call "transcendence" (the basis of all religion) -- the other, apparently, cannot.
    2. Public education in the West teaches almost exclusively to that latter hemisphere. Our scientists are the result.
    3. The hemisphere that can ‘perceive’ transcendence processes information "holistically" -- the other hemisphere processes information "analytically."
    4. Consequently, we seem stuck with two possibilities -- either, the analytic hemisphere is "transcendence blind," or the holistic hemisphere hallucinates.
    5. It so happens that if we believe in "free will," and that life has "Meaning," we are forced to believe that the analytic hemisphere is transcendence blind.
    6. And fortunately, Aristotle seemed to agree with us when he claimed that "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."  That seems to be the answer.
    7. And then, we humans in general – as noted above -- are not as smart as we think we are (most of us, that is).  We should expect that there is much more to reality than we currently understand.
    8. And finally, there’s immortality – I’ll have to explain.