1.5. Regrouping

1. So anyway, I intend to hold a written court (using the debate format discussed above) in which I will try to defend my current version of Jesus as the prophesied Jewish Messiah. (My version is not so different from the "normative" version -- but at the moment, I suspect that the normative version is, in fact, incorrect in places, and I won't be trying to defend positions that I tend to disbelieve...)
2. Ultimately, theoretically, there will be several different “prosecuting” attorneys -- each representing a different belief system -- against which I will try to defend my version.
3. Theoretically, these other "attorneys" will represent atheism, Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, normative Christianity and various Eastern philosophies.
4. That’s the idea so far.
5. My own version will surely change as we go along -- maybe, I'll concede to one or more of my adversaries...

6. Clearly, I have bitten off more than I can chew.
7. But then, as we say in New York about the lottery -- “Hey! You never know!”
8. And then, there’s always, “Nothing ventured…” as well as several other applicable sound-bites encouraging my foolishness.
9. Including, whatever I can gain should be for the good (if there are such things as "good," and "truth," and the truth is good).

10. But also, because of the Internet, theoretically at least, I should be able to recruit a lot of help (consider www.Wikipedia.com ), which is certainly what I would hope to do.
11. But whatever -- my ultimate goal is to decide whether or not I should try to “surrender” to Jesus, or perhaps, to decide how hard I should try.
12. And then, my immediate goal in that regard is to effectively add up the available evidence (whatever that is) as to whether or not Jesus was the prophesied Jewish Messiah.
13. But then, actually, I have two immediate goals. My other immediate goal is to recruit some help. I probably won't get very far in my aforementioned immediate goal without getting somewhere at least in this other immediate goal.
14. (So, please let me know if you're eligible and available. It won't take much to be eligible -- if you have a little bit of interest and a little bit of time, and like to write, but don't need to be paid, you've got the job. If you try to defend my version of Jesus, I'll have to be your editor. If you want to prosecute from any other position, you can say whatever you wish. But then too, I might have to fire you if those who support your position vote you out (As if my project here could ever get so far as to have anyone chomping at the bit...).)
15. But -- in a sense at least -- whatever I can do in either regard will be a satisfying step in the right direction.

16. Since I'm the only one present so far, I will have the "Defense" go first.

17. If I actually drum up an opponent or two, they can either provide their own briefs and exposition and go from there, or they can start in by confronting one or so of my specific claims -- whatever.
18. Hopefully, eventually, I can drum up some real expert opponents
19. The trick will be to somehow get the word out about my challenge. If I can build it, they might come.

(Chapter 4.1.1.)