III. A whole other way of thinking (12/2/09)

1. I’m thinking that there is simply a whole other -- AND VALID -- way of thinking…
2. And, we can do something that we might best call “surrender” to this way of thinking.
3. We can sort of leap (or kneel) into “holism” (This other way of thinking).
4. And, therein lies our “salvation.”
5. And, “salvation” is real...
(If you don't know what I'm talking about, keep reading.)

6. In salvation, we are sort of "saved" from drowning.
7. Jesus showed us HOW to make this leap into holism.
8. He has HELPED many to make that leap.
9. This leap brings a sense of magic, perfection, holiness, security, peace and joy to the person who makes the leap.
10. It allows a person to rise above the pains of the material world, and to thereby join God's Kingdom here and now.

12. (And Jesus may not have meant quite what we thought that he meant by, “The only way to the Father is through the Son.”)
13. But then, maybe he did.
14. Perhaps, the possible other ways are only "half measures."
15. I don't know.

16. Could be that this individual leap into holism was what “world peace” in the NT was all about.
17. Not “world peace” in the normal sense, but real, individual peace on earth.
18. Entering G-d's Kingdom here and now.
19. But then, maybe not.
20. Perhaps, individual peace will grow until the whole world is consumed…
21. I don’t know.

The Apparent Physiology of Religion