Opening Statement of Counsel for the Appellant

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury:

  1. I believe that Jesus was a real person, that he was convicted of being a “false Messiah” by the Jewish supreme court (the Sanhedrin) and that he was then crucified by the Romans.
  2. I believe that he was not given a fair trial, and I wish to correct that injustice to the extent possible.
  3. I hope to correct the perceived injustice above by acting as Jesus’ Counsel and by personally presenting the best case I can muster for him actually being the prophesied JewishMessiah -- while taking on all challenges to the contrary.
  4. With the Internet as my venue -- and with you as my jury -- a truly comprehensive and fair trial seems altogether possible -- though, it might take a while.

  5. Anyway -- apparently, back on Nisan 14 (April 2 & 3 (the Jewish "day" begins at sunset)) of 3793 (33 CE (AD)), the Sanhedrin decided that Jesus of Nazareth was a false Messiah and asked the Roman government to have him executed. After a night of deliberation, the government agreed to the request, and had Jesus crucified that afternoon.

  6. Now, coming from a rationalistic/scientific perspective, the Jesus concept/story (c/s), itself, is likely to appear ridiculous. If that is from where you are coming, I urge you to come again. There is more here than first meets the eye.
  7. And then, our particular situation here involves a few "caveats" that we need to keep in mind if we are to judge the Jesus issue fairly. You'll see what I mean...

  8. As you skeptical members of the jury began to evaluate Jesus in years past, you were assaulted by various obvious, serious and quite reasonable objections.  I get it.  I was besieged by those same objections. My general claim, however, is that those obvious, serious and quite reasonable objections, are actually quite SUPERFICIAL.  We weren't as smart as we thought we were, and if we now probe the depths of this issue, at least most of those objections “disassemble”…

  9. And then, I claim that the logic and evidence FOR Jesus being the prophesied Jewish Messiah is actually quite remarkable.

  10. Whatever, let's get it on.
  11. learning

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